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We're experts in growing beauty brands natively on TikTok, in a big way.
Even TikTok For Business agrees (read the love letter TikTok wrote about us

But we're more than just your agency partner. We're your
funnest meeting, your conversion magician, and your Instagram manager's best friend.

And you are our coolest client.

Founder & President

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Julia Rubien is a Los Angeles native and UCLA alum with degrees in Communication and Entrepreneurship.

Julia launched her marketing career as a copywriter in Brand Communication at LA-based agency Siegel + Gale, before joining Kayo Body Care and CEO Christine Bullock as Social Content Director.

After following the beauty industry's rapid expansion over the last decade, Julia founded Amie in 2020 to help Sephora and Ulta Beauty brands seamlessly transition from Instagram to TikTok and navigate a new content format.



As a brand builder and creative director, Julia is a master in verbal and visual storytelling to craft cohesive— and deeply human— identities that establish genuine and lasting emotional connections with the target audience.

As an experienced TikTok media buyer, Julia uses a test-and-learn approach rooted in research and data analysis to continually improve content strategy and move engaged viewers down the sales funnel.

Under Julia's guidance, Amie is shaping what beauty looks and sounds like on TikTok today. Her mission is to embed each brand's story within the platform's culture and establish legacy with the next generation of beauty consumers.


What makes us different?

A lot of things. We do beauty and we do TikTok. But here's a big one.

We specialize in generational marketing towards Gen Z.


What is generational marketing?

We're so glad you asked, because we could talk about this all day.

At the core of our marketing philosophy is the idea that your date of birth fundamentally changes your experience and perception of the world, and subsequently— your communication style, brand preferences, and consumer behavior.


Not to get all academic, but it's pretty wild stuff.


If Gen Z's lightning-fast digital pace makes your head spin, you've definitely come to the right place.

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