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This former social media manager is leading a team of digital natives

Meet our founder, Julia Rubien.

"It's not about pushing content for the sake of pushing content, because a business thinks it has to. It's about getting to know the consumer as they get to know you."

As she shared via LinkedIn:

"Working as a copywriter and studying brand voice at a top agency in LA, I realized many of these corporate giants still couldn't crack the code of social media. I saw it as a challenge and decided to bring agency-caliber brand work to the day-to-day communication required on these social platforms as we move into a digital era.

I joined an influencer and her beauty brand as Social Content Director, where I was a one-woman team juggling many roles and managing the entire process from the ground up. For over a year, I got to connect online with more followers than I can wrap my head around and find out what really speaks to the average consumer.

I branched out and took on more clients, growing my vision for a fresh & vibrant full-service social media agency led by digital natives on the forefront of every new trend.

I assembled a team of innovative and ambitious strategists, creatives, consultants, and media buyers— and voila! Amie was born."


Fun Facts

Julia is

• an expert in giving brands a human voice

• fluent in German

• a huge fan of Tocaya burritos

• a copywriter playing CEO


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